Our Firm

Our Firm

RGF Management Search provides guidance on leadership and management talent search. We have carefully built a reputation of being preferred partners to leading Indian and global organizations, for their management / leadership talent search.

Our business philosophy is built around the ‘Pareto Principle’ of 80:20. Our firm belief in this principle has resulted in 80% of our revenue / repeat business coming from 20% of our clients. Hence, we invest resources and deeply engage in building long standing relationships in the industry. It is our focus and expertise in Management Searches that aids us in offering a fresh approach to every client’s talent need.

Our client portfolio includes large Indian business groups, multinational oganizations, medium sized companies, SMEs and entrepreneurial ventures.

Since inception, we have helped augment the careers of over 200 number professionals. RGF Management Search has more than 40 Consultants operating in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.



Mission Vision Values


RGF aims to provide job opportunities to our candidates regardless of language, race or culture. At the same time, we would like to provide innovative human resource solutions to our clients regardless of the country or the size of the operation. As the recruitment service is a service done by people, the quality depends on our employees. Our Mission, Vision and Values are our guiding principal for providing our service.

To inspire individuals, energize organizations, and transcend boundaries through innovative human resource solutions.


In the society we live in, different boundaries exists. The boundaries are such as gender disparities, age, nationality, region, race, and so on. Boundaries are natural, but sometimes they cause suffering. Yet people can set your own boundaries without noticing. We believe human beings have unlimited possibilities. Breaking through these boundaries among people or organizations and unleashing the potentials of our clients and candidates will be our Mission.

We will leverage our roots in Asia to become the region’s No. 1 HR solutions provider by:

  • Exceeding client expectations at all levels, from senior executives to new graduates
  • Helping individuals realize their possibilities at every stage of their careers
  • Providing specialist expertise to both local and multinational clients, regardless of size or business category
  • Covering all major cities and offering innovative cross-border services
  • Giving employees exceptional opportunities for personal development and growth
  • Supporting the prosperity of communities in which we operate


We would like to support the individuals and corporations transcend three boundaries. We will support the hiring needs of clients and the career upgrade requirements of candidates at all levels, from new graduates to senior executives. We will also support companies of all sizes, from multinational corporations to local businesses, regardless of their industry. We will support cross-border job opportunities and hiring needs. We seek to inspire individuals and energize organizations and by individuals we mean not just our candidates but also our own employees.


We know our work impacts businesses and careers, and we embrace the highest standards of ethics and trust.


We treat our clients, candidates, and colleagues the way we would like to be treated.


We are unselfish, we cooperate with colleagues, and we gain strength from our group’s professional, cultural, and geographic diversity.


We continuously seek to improve our quality and responsiveness in meeting client and candidate needs.


We take ownership and initiative in seizing opportunities, meeting commitments, and handling issues.


We are driven, adventurous, and not afraid to fail.


We are passionate about what we do and we play as hard as we work.


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